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This group of cats include some very old breeds such as the Birman (known as the sacred cat of Burma) and Turkish Van but includes newer breeds such as the Ragdoll.

These cats share some characteristics of the longhair breeds, even though their origins, histories and temperaments are different. Although their coats are long and silky they are less thick and less prone to knotting, but they do require regular grooming.

In temperament these cats are quite outgoing and make excellent pets due to their placid natures and the fact that they are very undemanding. They are lively and companionable.

The Birman is a very distinctive breed originating in Burma. It is intelligent and playful and loves to be part of a family. Although inquisitive they rarely find themselves in a need-to-be-rescued situation. It's coat is pale in colour with darker points on the face, legs and tail. It is medium in size with blue rounded eyes.

The Ragdoll originated in California where the mother had suffered a pelvic injury and when the kittens arrived they all displayed a floppiness with very placid temperaments and the ability to relax when picked up and cuddled. They are also believed to have a high tolerance to pain. These cats are best off when living completely indoors and they seem happy to accept this lifestyle.

Turkish Van
The Turkish Van has a very outgoing personality and need little grooming other than the regular care needed by all semi-longhair breeds. However, unlike other cats, this is a swimming cat and likes access to a shallow pool and may want to join you in your bath tub.

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