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Breed History:
The Australian Tiffanie was developed from the Burmilla breeding program - being the semi-longhair progeny ... undesirable for Burmilla breeding ... but exquisitely beautiful in its own right.

In the late 1990's a group of dedicated breeders in NSW decided to apply for the right to develop the breed ... and the Australian Tiffanie was born. This breed combines all the beauty of the Chinchilla Persian with the extraordinary personality of the Burmese.

Breed Overview:
The Australian Tiffanie has inherited the best qualities of the breeds from which it was developed -the Chinchilla and the Burmilla. It is a medium sized cat, muscular with medium bone but heavy for its appearance. The eyes are large, luminous and expressive.

The breed is notable for the lovely eye lining, the exquisite low-maintenance silver coat with tipping in blue, black, brown, chocolate and lilac. The eyes are aqua green lined with the co-ordinating colour of the coat tipping.

This photograph of Shant and Scarlett shows how dark the kittens are born when born ... they lighten up to only have shaded and tipped coats in the different colours. Really interesting to watch how they develop over the weeks ... and how light the coat becomes.

The Australian Tiffanie is one of the most stunningly beautiful cat breeds, with its vivid green eyes and varied coat colours. The base coat colours are black, blue, chocolate and lilac, all of which come in three coat patterns - 'tipped' which has a sparkling appearance created by a coloured tip on a white hair; 'shaded' which appears to have a mantle of colour on a white coat base; and 'smoke' which appears to be a solid colour when the cat is still, but when the cat moves the white undercoat is visible. The tipped and shaded pattern cats have a pink to red coloured nose leather and the 'smoke' has a nose leather matching the coat colour.

The temperament is a combination of the relaxed laid-back qualities of the Chinchilla with the outgoing affectionate nature of the Burmese. The Australian Tiffanie is easy to train and an excellent children's companion. It makes an ideal cat for apartment living and is truly a cat which has it all.

Breeder requirements:
To become an Australian Tiffanie breeder requires one to be registered with the Waratah State Cat Alliance and to sign a Silvertails Club of Australasia contract committing the breeder to follow strict breeding guidelines. These include desexing all stock (except that which will be used for breeding), microchipping, vaccinating (twice) and giving a health guarantee.

All breeding stock must be cleared for PKD before entering the program.

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