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Semi-Longhair Birmans are an old breed and legends tell that they were the sacred cats of the Burmese temples at the beginning of the 20th century two cats were secretly shipped to France. The male died but the pregnant female survived and this was the foundation of the breed in Europe.

Two of the most popular colours are seal point and blue point. The cats are elegant and distinctive and should always show well-matched white socks and gauntlets. A Birman is quieter and more placid than a Siamese. It has an aloof appearance but is inquisitive and affectionate. It is intelligent and even-tempered but less placid than a Persian. They are active and playful and make a good pet for children.

These cats are medium sized, long and elegant with a full-cheeked round head. A female Birman can mature as early as seven months. They make excellent mothers and stud males are often known for their extra-loving temperament. A litter normally consists of three to five kittens and are born almost white all over. Within days the point colour starts to develop at he edges of the ears and tails. The eyes change from a cloudy blue to blue as the kittens grow.

A Birman has a silkier coat than a Persian and is comparatively easy to keep it well groomed with regular brushing and combing. The white gloves and gauntlets need to be kept stain free with regular washing and the application of grooming powder. This is rubbed in and completely brushed out leaving the white areas spotlessly clean. Birmans tend not to get themselves into situations where they need rescuing and they love being part of the family, human or feline.

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