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Nikki Horner of Shawnee Cattery, U.S.A., longed to produce a Miniture Black Panther.

The road to the Bombay was a long one, she started in 1953 by breeding a Black American Shorthair to a Sable Burmese. The results failed to fulfill her fantasy. The kittens grew up to look like black American Shorthairs, with thick American Shorthair coats, rather than parlor sized panthers. But the dream persisted, years of searching, buying breeding and showing went into creating the perfect sable Burmese and black American Shorthair upon which to build her basic stock, so she could start again.

Many years of selective breeding followed that first litter. Ms Horner began getting answers, the Bombay did breed true, no other colours were present, only the Beautiful Black was produced.

She constanteltly got totally black cats, with huge copper eyes, short shiny black coats with their own distinctive head and body types, they were decidedly different from any other black cat.

Acceptance from people who had Bombays as pets was enthusiastic.

In 1976, eighteen years after the first Bombay breeding experiment the Bombay was recognized for championship statis.

The Bombay is the only cat that is judged 50% on colour and coat.The coat is jet black to the roots, and the coat texture is fine, short to medium in length, close lying and satiny, with such a high sheen that it look like a patent leather of course the nose leather and paw pads are black, the eye colour may range from golden to deep copper,short nose strong jaw.

Meaux Bombay's

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