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The Burmilla originated in the United Kingdom in 1981 as a result of an accidental mating between a Chinchilla Persian male and a Lilac Burmese female. The resulting offspring were so impressive in type and vigour that it was decided to proceed with a breeding program by mating these crossbreds back to Burmese cats. A similar breeding program was established here in Australia in 1994 using only the highest quality Australian cats.

The Burmilla is a cat of Burmese type and temperament but its most impressive feature is the sparkling shaded or tipped coat. The undercoat colour is pure silver white, with shading or tipping in any of the five recognized colours (Black, Blue, Brown, Chocolate and Lilac), which must be uniformly distributed. The short coat feels silky to touch. The eyelids, lips and nose leather are rimmed with the basic colour, and delicate tracings of tabby markings are present on the points, which are more clearly defined on the shaded Burmilla.

The Burmilla is elegant and of medium foreign type with a muscular body, long sturdy legs and a moderately thick, long tail. The head is a medium wedge, with large ears, a short nose and large expressive eyes.

Since the Burmilla carries a recessive long-haired gene from the Chinchilla ancestry, long-haired kittens appear from time to time. The coat of a long-haired Burmilla is fine and silky, longer at the ruff and with a flowing plume-like tail. This longhaired coat however does not tangle and requires little grooming.

Easy-going and relaxed, the Burmilla has an affectionate, gentle and playful nature and, like its Burmese predecessors, the Burmilla is energetic and loving, making it an excellent pet for all. They relate well with other pets and are well suited as an indoor cat.

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