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Longhaired cats have been found in areas where the weather is cooler and their long coats provided them with protection against the cold climate. Originally they were from Turkey and became known as Angoras, but later they were also discovered in Persia. The Persian breed had shorter faces and more hair than the Turkish longhairs and became very popular in Victorian times. Selective breeding has produced many different colours from the original tabbies and blacks.

The Persian is a medium to large cat with a broad stocky body and thick strong legs. It has a large round head with small neat ears, full cheeks and a short snub nose. Eye colours vary with coat colours. The coat should be long and thick but not woolly and can be up to 15 cm long.

Persians are sweet natured and make lovable pets. They are calm and gentle and love being pampered and petted. They have quiet voices and are good with children and other animals. Although it enjoys company it can entertain itself when left alone in the house.

The Persians needs daily grooming of at least 15-20 minutes using a metal comb or a brush with long wires or natural bristles. It sheds its hair year round and without this attention it is prone to matting and hairballs. Their fur is also noticeable on furnishings and carpet when they are moulting. The long coats and grooming may also cause allergic reactions in some people. Persians eyes are prone to weeping and should be cleaned daily as part of the grooming routine.

Persians can be bathed and there are specific instructions for different colours and coasts to ensure that they look their best.

Many Persians have to be re-homed because of the amount of time needed for grooming so you must consider carefully before choosing one for your preferred pet.

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