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The Selkirk Rex is the newest of the Rex breeds. The original "curly coated" cat was discovered in Montana USA in 1987. The Selkirk Rex comes in both a shorthaired and longhaired version, in all possible coat colours. The body of this Rex is similar to a British shorthair making it a large, muscular feline.

The coat is a mass of random curls, which is springy to touch. A quality Selkirk Rex coat with good individual curls will not matt and requires only moderate maintenance. The shorthaired Selkirk Rex requires only an occasional combing. A longhair is a good choice for someone who appreciates the beauty of a long haired cat but is not up to all the grooming - BUT, choose carefully with the help of a breeder as currently some Selkirk Rex's have a bushy coat which will require more effort. An occasional bath will be necessary to present a Selkirk Rex at its curly best. Brush thoroughly before bathing, scrunch dry and leave coat slightly damp for best results.

Straight haired kittens do appear in litters and are very similar to a British shorthair. Longhaired straights are really lovely. Just imagine a longhaired British. Straight Selkirk's can usually be acquired at a very reasonable price, for those who are interested in a well-raised, healthy pedigree cat, without the price tag.

Persians have been used in the development of this breed so it is important to acquire your kitten from a breeder with cats screened for PKD.

Selkirk Rex's are very friendly and love the company of people and other pets. They are not overly active or energetic and are not know to be destructive. This is certainly a unique cat, which is currently quite rare in Australia. They make wonderful companions due to their friendly and tolerant nature. Selkirk Rex's fit in with the family and cope well with children.

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