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Regarded as the oldest and most famous breed of cat in the world, and also the most easily recognisable.

The Siamese cat is thought to be the ultimate in feline beauty with piercing blue eyes and its accentuated, dainty and fine boned build. It has a slender body and a long pointed head, with large ears. It has a history documented in ancient literature and the art of Siam (Thailand).

This breed of cat is extremely vocal, and has an outgoing character. It can be very demanding and will become attached and devoted to its owner. They prefer not to be left alone and will let you know when they aren't happy.

It is an extremely sociable cat taking a liking to any visitors, and is somewhat intelligent and hard to fool.

They are easy to maintain and need little grooming, as their coat is short, sleek and fine in texture.

They can be extremely jealous and become territorial, not getting along with other cats or pets.

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