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The Sphynx may have been around in the early 1900's as a New Mexican Hairless cat. Historically though, it is recorded as a Canadian cat where it first appeared in the 1960's. It was not until the 1970's that the Cat Fanciers' Association gave the breed official recognition as they were concerned about genetic problems.

They have a sturdy body of medium length. They have a broad chest with a rounded belly though not fat. Their head is slightly longer than it is wide with high cheekbones. The wrinkles are prominent on their head. The profile has a definite stop at the nose and the neck is slender and long. Their eyes are large and well rounded. Unlike most breeds their eyes can be any colour and do not have to conform with the coat colour. The ears are very large and wide with no interior hair. The legs are long but sturdy and their tail is long and whippy.

The Sphynx appears hairless, however the body is covered in a fine down that feels like a soft suede. They have a higher body temperature than other cats and the lack of hair means that they feel quite warm to touch. As a result they need to eat more food than other breeds to fuel the high metabolism.

They do come in a variety of colours, however due to the appearance of lack of hair the colours seem almost tattooed to their skin. They must be protected from direct sunlight as they are susceptible to sunburn.

A mystical breed of cat that many owners describe as the most intelligent and affectionate of all breeds of cat.

Petcare Information and Advisory Service Australia

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