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Emmel Quincy Jones
The Tonkinese Cat - Why Are They So Popular?
The Tonkinese breed has been around in Australia for quite a while. So why is it only now becoming so popular?

Firstly, the personality of the Tonkinese is, to me, unique. A cat that will
retrieve things for you, run and meet you at the front door when you get home
from work, insist on sitting on your lap or the most comfortable position, a cat
that not only gets along with dogs but has them wrapped around their little
claws, can be taken for walks on a lead, are all characteristics of a fantastic

The look of the Tonkinese also draws many people in. It is a medium between
the svelt elegance of the Siamese and the cobby boldness of the Burmese. The
mink, although not unique to the Tonkinese, is certainly an outstanding feature.
The incomplete dominance of the Siamese and the Burmese colour gene
creates a stunning look, when added to the aqua marine eyes.

But wait - there's more. The Tonkinese comes in Siamese and Burmese coat
types as well. Many Tonk lovers choose a Tonk rather than the Siamese or
Burmese because they don't like the extremes both breeds can become. For
example, many kitten buyers choose a colourpoint because they had a
Siamese many years ago when they were much rounder in the face. Some
Tonk buyers choose a solid coat type because they don't like the face too
short, combined with the stunning green colour that solid coat Tonkinese have.

Coat Types - Tonkinese Colourpoint, Solid and Mink
The Tonkinese come in 4 basic colours:-
  • Seal - dark brown
  • Blue - grey
  • Chocolate - ruddy brown
  • Lilac - a soft mushroom colour

Added to this, the Tonks now come in Red, Tabby and Tortie coats as well.
As you can see, we have a cat for just about everyone.

The Tonkinese in the last few years have become recognised by the major Cat
Councils. As a result, there are more breeders producing cats which are now
eligible for Championship status. Being shown brings them into the public eye,
as does appearing on programs such as Burke's Backyard, Totally Wild
and Harry's Practice.

When you put all these factors together, you end up with a stunning cat, with a
fantastic personality that stands above all others. Why wouldn't they be

Emmel Tonkinese

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