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The eye-catching Snowshoe Cat. One of the most striking cats is a relative new comer - the Snowshoe. While some cat breeds can claim to have existed in almost the same form
and colour in the time of the Pharoahs as they do today, the Snowshoe was developed as recently as the 1960s.

The concept for a Snowshoe occurred when a litter of Siamese with white socks was born in USA and the breeder found them so attractive that she decided to breed them by crossing her Siamesewith an American Shorthair that had the gene for the white socks.

The Snowshoe is a pointed cat - similar to the Siamese in that it has dark face and legs but has white markings on its face, chest, stomach and feet. A medium to large cat, the Snowshoe combines power and agility in a well-balanced, muscular body that is medium boned and heavily built. The head is more rounded than that of the modern Siamese.

The coat is short to medium short, close-lying, smooth and with no noticeable undercoat. The brightest blue, sparkling and expressive eyes complement the Snowshoes distinctive Lone Ranger mask and white snowshoes - making this a strikingly attractive cat.

Snowshoes love to be around people and will follow family members around the house and should not spend long periods of time alone. Not as talkative as the Siamese the Snowshoe's voice is generally soft and melodic.

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