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During the mid 20th Century, Abyssinian breeders were surprised to see the occasional longhair kitten in their aby litters. As time passed some breeders became captivated by the longer haired version of the Aby, and worked to develop the breed and gain recognition for them in their own right.

Due to its close relationship with the parent breed, the Somali shares many of the same features. Like the Abyssinian, they are "ticked" there are alternating bands of colour on each hair. Much of the wild look comes from the ticking.  The accepted colours are the same as the Abyssinian.

While some may vary from state to state in Australia, the basic colours are:

  • Tawny - reddish brown base colour ticked with black
  • Cinnamon (also called sorrel) reddish brown ticked with chocolate brown
  • Blue - greyish blue ticked with deeper blue, with an undercoat of oatmeal
  • Fawn - milk coffee beige colour, ticked with Chocolate or Lilac

The above colours are also available in corresponding silver versions - respectively black silver, cinnamon silver, blue silver etc. the base colour is inhibited, leaving the ticking on a sparkling white undercoat. This gives the appearance of an arctic fox.

The Somalis beautiful coat is surprisingly easy to care for. They are classed as a semi-longhair cat and the silky fur resists matting, so they need only a weekly comb through. They are an excellent choice if you like the look of a longer-haired cat, but don't have time for a lot of grooming. The fur is longest on their ruff, breeches and tail and shorter over the back and shoulders.


Somalis and Abyssinians have a real "joie de vivre" - they love life and share this joy with their human companions. Lively and intelligent, they love to help around the house and form intense relationships with their special people. They get on well with other animals and thrive on company. Somalis and Abys are also great indoor cats. This is strongly recommended as their busy lifestyles do not allow for good road sense.

They love to play games and can easily learn to walk on a lead, and retain this playfulness into adulthood.

Vivace Cattery
Vivace Cattery specialises in beautiful Somali cats in colours of Black Silver and Cinnamon Silver.

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