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Vroom, comes one turbo-charged, fun-loving feline. With four on the floor - not to mention on the couch, the table, the bed, the curtain rails or anywhere else there's serious fun to be had - the fleet-of-foot Oriental lives ( and loves ) life in the fast lane !

This entertaining livewire completely captivates all who come under its spell, for it is a breed blessed with great charisma and character.

It is said that the eyes are the window of the soul - and the Oriental certainly has an expression that says much. Gaze into its bewitching almond-shaped green eyes and you feel as if you are coming face to face with the mysteries of the orient. Admire its svelte super-sleek conformation and stylised elegance and you are instantly aware of being in the presence of living sculpture. Marvel at this cat's mystique as it effortlessly weaves its own special brand of magic and you experience first hand the undeniable allure of the exotic looking Oriental.

This breed encompasses cats with a Siamese body type and all-over solid or patterned colouring ( not restricted to the "points" as with the Siamese ). The green eyes are the only common denominator from a colour perspective, for these cats come in an extremely wide range of attractive hues and coat patterns.

Apart from solid colours of white, blue, lilac, red, cream, black ( some-times called ebony ) and brown ( often referred to as havana ), the Oriental also comes in tortoiseshell and tabby markings. The tabbies in particular come in some exquisite colour combinations, such as lilac and silver and chocolate and silver. The breed's high-gloss jacket only serves to show all these spectacular shadings and patterns off to best advantage.

The Oriental's long slim legs and elegant carriage give it the look of a high fashion model. Add to that the hard muscular condition of the long distance runner and you have the ingredients for a graceful acrobat - ready, willing and able to bound into the hearts and lives of anyone seeking a dynamic and stimulating feline friend.

Hard to ignore, this purrsonality-plus puss demands attention. Inquisitive, intelligent and self-assured, it insists on participating in family activities - being anxious to lend a paw wherever possible ! Passionate in its likes and dislikes, the Oriental has a very definite point of view on most things. Although a little less vocal and demanding than the Siamese, it is nevertheless an extroverted chatterbox which craves companionship - both two-legged and four-legged.

Affectionate and intensely devoted, this is very much a cat for those who enjoy close encounters of the captivating kind.

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