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Finding pet friendly rental accommodation is not always easy. Residential tenancy agreements either do not mention keeping pets or state that written consent is required from the landlord before pets are allowed in rental properties.

In many cases a rental agent is the first point of contact and will have a great deal of influence over who the successful tenant will be. Ask the agent to raise the subject of pets in person with the owner of the property if possible.

To persuade the agent to do this you need to present them with information detailing why you and your pet should be considered as tenants. Presenting information about yourself and your pet in a face-to-face meeting will have a better impact than if it is raised over the telephone.

Prepare an attractive photograph and résumé on your pet which includes medical records, obedience school certificates and written references from past landlords, neighbours, obedience schools, groomers and veterinarians. Explain how you provide appropriate levels of exercise and attention and hygienically clean up after your pet at all times.

Describe the arrangements you make for the care of your pet if you are away on business or holidays. If the pet is a dog, explain that you always keep control of it in public places, do not allow it to roam the streets and do not allow unnecessary barking.

Offer to bring your well-groomed, well-mannered pet to meet the property agent and/or owner to demonstrate it is responsibly cared for and well behaved.

In addition, mention anything about your pet's age, activity level or traits which help reinforce that it is a 'good tenant'.

When the above information is provided with references attached, you will be ensuring the owner/manager makes their decision with the benefit of a full description of your pet and its habits, and in the knowledge that you are a responsible pet owner.

Petcare Information and Advisory Service Australia

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