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The mischievous antics of a kitten or puppy can make a household positively glow with delight.

Even as they grow into adulthood however, your pets will continue to alternate between periods of sedate, dignified behaviour and excitable play.

Many cats and dogs spend much of their time indoors, sometimes spending periods of time alone while their owners go about their daily routine. And while cats sleep for around three-quarters of the day, they nevertheless enjoy an opportunity to exercise their bodies and minds during the six hours when they are up and about.

It's therefore vital that all indoor cats be provided with toys and activities that will happily occupy them throughout the day.

A scratching post is an essential item for any indoor cat. Because a cat's claws will grow quickly, it's wise to train your cat from an early age to use the scratching frame and wear their claws down on hard surfaces. It will also save your furniture!

There are some wonderful frames available these days that combine a series of perches, climbing poles, scratching surfaces and dangling toys.

Alternatively you can construct your own 'kitten's playground' by building a pyramid shaped scratching frame or suspending balls and glittering objects by elastic from a doorway.

Providing cuddly toys and other fun things dear to a dog's heart will help prevent boredom for dogs.

Dogs tend to have definite likes and dislikes in toys - some prefer soft toys, other rubber squeaky toys. There are even toys that make dogs think and work for their fun - allowing the owner to place food in the toy and getting the dog to manipulate it to retrieve its reward.

Finally, and most importantly, your indoor pets need lots of love and companionship. If you are away for long hours at work, consider getting two pets; either two dogs, two cats, or one of each. Two pets are often no more work than one and can be double the fun. Most importantly, two pets will provide each other with company during the hours you are away from home.

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OzPetShop - Pet Products, Supplies and Accessories