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The family dog is usually only too ready to jump into the car for a Sunday drive but Puss is often not so happy to leave home.

However, there are occasions when it is necessary to take the home-loving cat on a car journey, whether it be to the vet for the annual vaccination booster or perhaps to move home or go on holidays.

Cats travel well by car if conditioned to it in advance. Cats should never be allowed to travel unconfined inside the car. Puss will feel much more secure in her own carrier with a soft blanket inside. Most pet stores sell cat carriers and, although you may feel they are quite small, the small size makes the cat feel cosy. Allow the cat to sleep in the carrier at home for a few weeks before travelling. Once the cat is comfortable with being enclosed in the carrier it may be taken for increasingly longer drives to accustom it to the noises of car travel. If you are going on a long journey in the car you may like to use a large dog-size crate, which can contain a small litter tray.

If the cat cannot be confined indoors at the destination, or if it is going to be necessary to take the car out of the carrier and car, it is necessary to keep the cat on a lead. The best cat lead is a body harness rather than a collar and lead as a harness is more difficult for the cat to slip. Place the harness on the cat indoors at home and allow it to spend time wandering the room until it becomes accustomed to it. Then attach the lead and allow it to walk around until it becomes used to the restriction of the lead.

Make sure that the cat has ID tags attached to the collar. It is important that any contact phone numbers on the tag will be for a manned phone during your absence.

Ensure the cat's vaccinations are up to date before taking it to strange territory. If your cat is not accepting car travel and it is necessary to go on a long trip, this is a good time to ask your vet about the use of mild tranquillisers. It may also be a good time to enquire about microchipping as a permanent method of identification.

Cats can be fussy creatures so be sure to pack your cat's favourite food and also a supply of drinking water from his home. Water often tastes different in different areas and cats may be reluctant to drink.

With a bit of forward planning, travel with your cat can be safe and pleasant for Puss and owner.

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